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date 21.Nov.2021

■ Extended audio details for browsing and searching music files

When it comes to music file (MP3,WMA,WAV,FLAC etc) details, windows explorer can show basic columns like bitrate and song duration. xplorer² ultimate edition can show extended audio information system properties like System.Audio.IsVariableBitRate, System.Audio.ChannelCount (mono/stereo channels) and System.Audio.SampleRate (sampling frequency). These are useful for music connoiseurs that monitor the quality of the MP3s in their collection.

To add such system properties, use Tools > Advanced options menu and add them as a comma separated list in the system property list box as seen below: (note property names must be entered in full and are case sensitive)

advanced settings

Once you click OK button and restart xplorer² ultimate, these properties are available for use everywhere in the program. So you can use View > Select columns menu to add them as extra folder details (see how we filtered the available columns list for audio in the screenshot below), to see the number of channels and sampling frequency of your MP3 files.

column selection

Likewise you can use such properties seamlessly to define search or filter rules, e.g. do a search for all music files that only have 1 channel (mono), or are sampled in lower 22050 Hz quality.

If you bought xplorer² professional and want to upgrade to ultimate edition, you can do so paying the difference in price, as long as you bought within the last year.

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