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date 1.Sep.2013

■ File managers: is yours a Lamborghini, a Lada or the "ox-and-cart" type?

It's hard to be objective about complex tools like file managers. Like cars, they have many systems and features: one is stronger in safety whereas another is geared towards performance. But what if your car was missing a wheel or two, or it lacked a hand brake?

When it comes to top-end file management, the assumption is that all the programs offer more or less the same capabilities to the user. Small details decide which one is best for your needs — and people become quite fanatical about their file manager of choice. But do you realize that most explorer replacement tools are only for filesystem folders (your hard disk and USB stick) and have no clue about the rich shell and namespace extensions available on Windows?

File managers shopping list

A driving principle in xplorer² is shell integration. If you try to replace windows explorer, you should at least provide all the shell extension features, then add all the standard tabs and dual panes and what have you. If you think your file manager is "the best" then check if it can do such things for you:

I could go on listing advantages (not to mention improved performance), but I would like everybody to focus on the big picture. The decision on the best file manager is not just about small fetishes, you may be missing out on vital features. Why don't you take the xplorer² tour and then try the free evaluation, and you may have a change of faith <g>

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