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As I am working hard on xplorer˛ 64 bit version I thought I'd take a break for a quick useful tip. When you are copying many files at once, it may happen that some documents already exist in the destination folder; then windows pop up a Confirm File Replace dialog asking you what to do. There is a "Yes to All" button but no equivalent "No to All", so if you want to keep all the old files you'll have to click on No again and again. Such a waste of time!

There is a hidden trick though: if you hold down <SHIFT> key while clicking on No button, this is equivalent to "No to All". You will never see another overwrite confirmation dialog until all files are copied, like as if you were answering no to file replaces yourself.

If you want to go one level up you can use the robust transfer feature in xplorer˛ professional and get real control over file overwrites. When you hit <F5> (Edit > Copy to menu command) to copy files, you get a clear No to All button among other things. You can queue multiple transfers to get your job done faster, temporarily pause transfers to free up system resources, apply filters to limit the types of files copied and much more. See this demo video

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