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The radio silence from this blog soapbox in the past couple of weeks was not the result of the joys of the married life. No, instead of flying off to bora-bora for a honeymoon or even cracking ancient puzzles I got busy with the usual kind of offspring, the latest version 1.8 of xplorer˛. Work is well under way and the major features planned are:

  • Robust delete command
  • New pane for on-board tutorials
  • Improvements to folder synchronization and duplicate files checker
  • Individual filename color coding rules can be turned on/off
  • Rearrange tabs with drag-drop
  • Change of registration keys (?)
  • Better windows 7 compatibility (some leftover warts like libraries)
  • (possibly) toolbar facelift for modern full color icons with alpha transparency

These will be the main additions, and as usual they will be but the tip of the iceberg with lots more goodies in the bag. For instance the last 3 days I've been struggling to add code that saves the picture in your clipboard as a bitmap when you use the Paste menu command. 3 days for such a seemingly simple task! And I'm still not there yet. Anyway, that's what life has in store for programmers.

If you want to take part in the fun that will be the testing process then please use the contact form to send me your email address and I will add you to the volunteer beta testers list — this time beta testing will be invitation-only.
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