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When you work with too many folders you need quick access to them. xplorer˛ has a whole menu called Bookmarks dedicated to favorite folders. Like your favorite internet websites, you add a folder in the Bookmarks menu then you can quickly access it, either from the menu or after putting it on a toolbar.

One apparent limitation of putting favorite folders on a menu, is that you can't fit too many of them. xplorer˛ allows up to 20 bookmarks to be seen in the menu, but you can have up to 100 stored. If you want to see more than 20 folders in the Bookmarks menu just increase the Custom menu items value from Tools > Advanced options menu command as seen in the picture to the right.

Another limitation is that favorites cannot be organized in submenus. You can have a flat list of bookmarks to all sorts of folders like work documents, music and what have you. Why can't we organize bookmarks like internet explorer favorites in categories?
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As you can imagine, everything is possible in xplorer˛ as long as you do some creative 'out of the box' thinking (not quite rocket scientist level mind). If you need folders, why not create real folders and store bookmarks in there? Here is a possible implementation:

  • Create a root folder for all the bookmarks, e.g. C:\Users\<username>\Links (this folder already exists in windows 7 and stores the favorite folders that appear in system open/save dialogs.)
  • Create subfolders under this root to taste, e.g. Music, Video, Pictures etc.
  • Whenever you want to bookmark a folder, select and press <Ctrl+C> to copy it, then go into one of these subfolders and use Edit > Paste link menu command to store a folder shortcut. You can also put in there folder junctions but you don't need to get too fancy!
  • Put a regular xplorer˛ bookmark on the root folder

This is easier than it sounds. Whenever you want to access your bookmarks, first jump to the root bookmark folder, then browse the subfolder hierarchy until you locate your target. Presto, you have unlimited folder bookmarks organized in arbitrary complicated hierarchies!

Here is a sample demo video

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