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"The easiest way to become a millionaire is to start as a billionaire, then get married"

How many scrooge films (aka A christmas carol) are there? In the last few days I've seen originals, adaptations, musicals, one with muppets, only south park didn't do their version yet (?). I've got the christmas message well engraved in me head guv'ner. Here's something a little different, shall we call it a preemptive christmas gift before the ghosts start persecuting me? <g>

I'm trying to write a new kind of application and as a part of that I am writing code that automates website form filling and navigation (screen scraping). Say you want to upload a small picture to imageshack, what do you have to do? Visit the imageshack website with your internet browser, locate the picture and fill in the form, click a button to start uploading, wait a bit, then use the link to post your image to a forum (or include it in a blog post like the picture to the right). But if you do this kind of thing often, the hassle is too heavy a chain to bear, so I wrote a little program to automate the procedure as much as possible. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the easy uploader. image upload tool

Things can't get much simpler than this. First you start ezUpload.exe (download link below), you select your picture source (the easiest is to import picture data from the clipboard, e.g. after <PrintScreen>) click on the upload button, then sit and wait while ezUpload is finishing the job for you. In the end you just click a button to get the image address as a forum friendly [IMG] tag or as a HTML anchor link. If clicking a button to copy the text is too much of a tax use View > Settings menu to rid yourself of this too. Bah humbag!

Download easy image uploader (66 kb)

It should run on all windows platforms, at least w2000+. Installation is easy, just unpack the zip file on your desktop and run the executable. To uninstall just delete it. Obviously it's free too. It works with imageshack and tinypic for the moment, but if there's a public demand I'll add more of these services (there are tons like freeimagehosting, imagehousing, imagevenue ...)

This tool is so simple that anyone should be able to use it. However since it's christmas and we all had too much food and drink, here's a demo video


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