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Hard core HTML 'coders' will only use notepad (the plain text windows editor) to write their webpage/CSS markup. It is the equivalent of a jedi light-sabre, pure and divine. For those of us that don't quite master the power of the force, editor˛ (the text editor/viewer accompanying xplorer˛) is a more reasonable and productive alternative.

As we've seen in the past editor˛ goes a long way for its measly 128KB size. For quick HTML/XML editing it offers all the usual features plus:

  • Autotexts. With a single click or key you insert commonly used text like <B></B> HTML tags. You define your own with Autotext menu
  • Automatic indentation. Tidy code is easier to read, especially for block elements like <DIV> and tables. If you turn on View > Autoindent menu command, you will get nicely formatted lines of text
  • External preview. Quickly see how your webpage looks like hitting <F12> to preview the edited file in internet explorer

These features are ok for a little formatting and a little javascript. What was lacking up to now was a command to match HTML/XML opening and closing tags. Here starts a <TABLE> but where does it end? There are many embedded tables so it is hard to see which is the closing </TABLE> tag. The latest version solves this problem with Search > Match tag menu command. It is similar to the older command that matches open/close brackets, but it works with any HTML tag that has an opening and closing version (i.e. most tags) e.g. <A href="..."> and </A>. Just place the cursor on either the opening or closing tag, hit <Ctrl+T> and the new editor˛ will jump to the matching closing/opening tag. That's very handy for navigating complex HTML documents. latest editor2 v2.9.1
If you hold down <Shift> key, the whole tag block will be selected.

Here is the latest editor˛ build 2.9.1. Except for tag matching it also supports opening multiple files from the command line and the xplorer˛ equivalent /I switch that can be used to load a REG settings file when editor˛ loads, simulating a portable behaviour.

Download editor˛ v2.9.1 (64 KB)

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