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Hands up who still uses CDs to listen to music. Sir keeps vinyl perhaps? So last century! I was put off buying a new car because one of its optional advanced features was a "6 CD autochanger" — I considered it indicative of the rest of the technology under the bonnet. We don't need CD changers, we need a USB connection to hook up the portable hard disk with the complete MP3 works!

We have so much music on our computers nowadays that the plain folder arrangement by artist then by album is insufficient. I need collections to suit my mood spanning several artists and folders. One idea would be to create a new folder and copy hand-picked MP3 song files there to define a collection. That's a feasible plan but hardly efficient. So much disk space will be wasted on duplicate MP3 files.

Many MP3 players offer playlists but they are awkward to manage. xplorer˛ has a different proposition with its scrap containers. You can store any type of file and build collections including music collections. You can use all the power tools in xplorer˛ to manage the list and there's no disk space wasted. Right click on the background of a scrap window (or use Actions > Write contents menu) and you can save the collection in a CIDA file that xplorer˛ can load later. Drag-drop the contents to your MP3 player and there's your flexible playlist sorted!

For detailed instructions see today's demo video

ps. what do you think of the xplorer˛ boxshot art exhibited with the past few blog articles? <g>

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