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Lately, when you heard of "pirates" you thought of kids pushing their broadband providers "unlimited download" packages to the limit with music, video and software torrents. But the spirit of captain Hook is well and trully present in the traditional domain. Hell's bells! Clearly with such aburpt increase in seafaring pirates dominant global warming theories must be revisited and revised. I'm never sailing again near Africa. Arrrr!!!

The latest xplorer˛ v1.72 has a little something for the software pirates <g>, but more importantly for the legitimate users, this version brings significant improvements especially if you are running any 64 bit windows flavor (XP or Vista). The main additions are:

  • 64 bit compatibility. If you have 64 bit windows you'll appreciate the special 64 bit xplorer˛ that blends and integrates with all your x64 shell extensions. Note that the 32 bit version is a separate download.
  • Portability. Users of the portable version will appreciate the new X2DIR environmental variable that is set automatically to the folder xplorer˛ is running from. You can access other tools on your USB relative to this, for example: say you have xplorer˛ portable under F:\zabkat\ and some other tools under F:\tools you can launch them using %X2DIR%..\tools\myTool.exe. User commands (Customize menu) can be defined in terms of X2DIR for maximum portability.
  • Faster startups. xplorer˛ was known to choke on unavailable network drives you happened to be browsing when you closed it. The new optional /N command line switch sorts this problem out.
  • Default folder association. By popular demand xplorer˛ can takeover filesystem folders so that it opens instead of windows explorer whenever you click on folder icons on your desktop. To activate this mode tick the relevant box during installation. To get back to windows explorer uninstall xplorer˛.
  • Registry settings editor. There are many useful tweaks through the standalone registry settings editor located in the installation folder. To name a few you can set a custom codepage to extend text searches in files, increase the number of toolbar icons associated to bookmarks and user commands, etc.
  • Bug tracking. In the unlikely scenario you manage to crash xplorer˛ <g> it will drop a small minidump file in the %TEMP% (temporary files) folder. If you email this to me with a small description of the circumstances, the odd bug will be squashed with ease. For instructions check out the bug report guidelines.

You can read all the finer details and additions here. This is a free upgrade for existing users, and the usual upgrade procedure applies. Owners of the lifetime upgrade insurance will be able to redeem their contract most probably with the next xplorer˛ version codename tornado v2. Undecided punters can have a fresh free no-obligation 21-day trial on this v1.72.
Get build 32 bit
Get build 64 bit

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