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"Future so bright — I gotta wear shades"

Once upon a time, I was a single, quasi-academic with loads of time in my hands. Those were the days for xplorer˛ development! Nowadays I have a busy day job and a semi-family life and find there are not enough hours in the day. Given the time-space constraints in force poor xplorer˛ has been pushed to the backwater, relatively speaking.

However, by an unexpected twist of fate, I've got a couple of weeks ahead to behave like in the old days (girlfriend went to see her mama :). I'm going to take advantage of this spell to write code for a short update to version 1.7. There are a number of little bugs and small improvements recommended by users in the forum. Also there is going to be one large feature added, selected from the list below:

  1. Auto-updating searches. As long as the scrap window is open it will monitor new/changed files to see if they match the search criteria (even after the initial search is over)
  2. Folder statistics. Make this old dog more responsive (threaded) and add a tab for extra info, e.g. disk use by file type
  3. Stream search. Extend text searches in files to locate text in ADS
  4. Quick find. Like Mark | Quicksearch command but searching for files, not just marking the visible ones
  5. Robust delete. A smarter version that will not abandon ship at the first sign of trouble like windows exlorer
  6. Toolbar customization. Add your own icons to all commands in Customize menu
  7. Keyboard customization. Adjustable keyboard shortcuts
  8. Collapsible groups. Hide/Show a group category like Outlook does it (with a [+] box)
  9. Other. You really need something else urgently (please explain)

I've got no personal preferences among these features, so in a trully democratic fashion I invite you the individual xplorer˛ user to cast your vote for your favorite feature and I'll oblige adding it to version 1.7 (as long as it is not item #7 :). There are some simple rules:

  • one person one vote
  • you can pick only one item from the above list 1-9

Please use the comment area below to show your preference. There is a simple poll script to fill. (If you specify #9 "Other" you'll need to do some canvassing to get other people's support too since it is unlikely one man can change the tide). I'll then sum up the votes and the most popular item will get implemented. My forefather Pericles would be proud!

So delay no more, cast your vote and I'll get coding.



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