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So that's it, I've been working through the holiday season, Christmas day and all, and all I have to offer is this beta? Trust me guys, these visual improvements may seem trivial but they are hard work. Today xplorer˛ is launched as beta, properly with installer and all, so if you are eager to get an advance preview here's the link:

Download build beta (1 MB)

The main improvement is choosing your own icons for bookmarks, layouts and all other command categories under Customize menu, so that you can tell them easily apart when you place such commands on a toolbar. You can pick icons from any file that contains images, like system DLLs and executables, and obviously ICO files. See this demonstration for details.

Another new gimmick is "skin support", and to make myself clear this doesn't mean that you can make xplorer˛ look like winamp all of a sudden, only you can supply your own icons for the toolbars and menus. If you are like me and have no imaging skills, sadly we have to sit back and wait for talented volunteers. If you want to have a go download the skin designer pack.

This release isn't all about appearances though, you get some real changes and bugfixes. Webfolders (webDAV) are finally improved in terms of speed, but I'm still waiting on some support from microsoft to sort out the columns (size and date). For windows vista you get support for symbolic links (if you don't know what that means, stay tuned for a forthcoming blog article) and optional sort column headers in all view modes (snapshot). This is handy for checking your sort order. For more details please check Help | What's new command.

The translations are currently being processed and we hope to have most of the existing ones upgraded too in time for the official release. Already we have completed the following languages: German, Serbian, Czech, Chinese Simplified, Swedish, Dutch, Brasilian and Japanese. If you want to try one of these grab your dll from this pack: trx2beta.zip (254KB)

ps This release is dedicated to my "little" brother Panos who has his birthday today, cheers!

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