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"Do they know it's Christmas? — no! if they're on julian calendar"

Many people find the free lite xplorer˛ good enough for their needs, but sooner or later the extra power available in the professional version becomes irresistible and they want to upgrade. If you try this upgrade path, you will discover that the professional version doesn't automatically import the settings (e.g. the window layout) you carefully arranged for the lite version. Surely this is a bad first step to the professed usability boost?

The problem is that the lite version is ANSI (that's why some orientals can't see their filenames properly) and the pro is UNICODE, so they store their settings in different registry keys as you can see in the pic to the right. If you are a rugged old hand you can rename all your lite keys from xplorer2 to xplorer2_UC and thus "import" the settings from lite to pro. But as the registry isn't a walk in the park for many and there are many ifs and buts, this direct registry rename option isn't for most. new xplorer˛

As it is the festive season, here's a gift to all the lite version users that want to make themselves a gift and upgrade to xplorer˛ professional this christmas: a fully automated settings import tool that will copy all your bookmars and all the other settings from your lite version to your more powerful pro version. Run it, follow the instructions and when you restart your professional version it should have (most) of your old lite settings imported.


Download xplorer˛ lite settings transfer tool (36 KB)


WARNING: Don't experiment with this tool if you already use the professional version; it will delete all bookmarks, user commands etc, overwriting them with those from your lite version! It is only for lite version users.

ps ...and to all of you on gregorian calendar, merry christmas!

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