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Christmas is almost upon us and I understand everyone's busy cleaning chimneys for santa and such, so we'll have just a quick article this week. In older windows when some program crashed (bursted as we say in greece) users saw a mini crash report with the crash address and module, that helped explain what went wrong. Arguably this information is not very useful for 99% of the users, so MS decided to hide it away in later windows.

In windows 7 all you see when a program crashes is a message informing you that program so and so has stopped working and reassured that Windows is checking for a solution to the problem, which is of course a lie as I never saw a problem solved despite all the searching (even for MS products like the crash-happy IE8) — but I digress.
To get crash details that would be useful for remote debugging you must dig up the reliability monitor from control panel (Control Panel\System and Security\Action Center\Reliability Monitor).
reliability monitor

As you can see from the picture information is listed for every day, and crashes are shown with a red X sign. To get crash information select the crash of interest, right click and pick View technical details from the menu. Then pass the information to the ailing development team <g>. Here's the brief demo video

Merry Christmas everyone!

Addendum: To locate the reliability monitor on windows 10 either search your control panel or simply use the start menu search (type reliability and it should come up)

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