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"It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle
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Another Sunday, another easter (this time the Greek Orthodox one, the right one :). As I am about to retire the computer for the annual lamb armageddon, and inspired from the latest xplorer² release earlier this week that sports a greek translation I'd like to write about the translations available for the user interface.

When you install xplorer², there's a step called "Choose additional tasks" which among other things allows you to select the language of the user interface (menus and dialogs). There are 18 languages currently available, including the most popular French, German, Spanish—even Chinese! When you choose any language other than english, a resource-only DLL (e.g. X2T_GREEK.DLL) is placed in the installation folder furnishing your tongue of choice. A command in Help menu allows you to toggle the english translation on/off.

Sadly these translations fall short of completeness. The main help, website and customer support are limited to english. If you send me an email in german then the best I can do is pop it over to babelfish for an automatic translation and reply back in english. When you try to use the online support it's best to switch to the english GUI so you can search for the command names as they appear in the documentation.

Here's a short demo video for the GUI translations

Btw, having played a small part for the greek translation recently, I have to take my hat off to all the all the people who have volunteered to translate xplorer². It is a massive task and very tricky since some very technical english terms must be paraphrased. Thanks guys, you are real heroes!

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