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"Q. What's the answer to life, the universe and Everything?"
A. 42
— A computer obviously running Vista Ultimate

As I'm still busy ironing out vista glitches from xplorer˛, here's a light-hearted edition of the blog, covering all these important questions you always wanted answered, for your light entertainment :)

Where does spam come from?

Why, from sainsbury's of course! It's the staple diet of the working classes in the UK. Yummy!

As wrong as you can get it in product branding decisions.

spam pic

What is ZabaraKatranemia?

The roots of this moniker lie in the previous millenium deep in 1999, where we all had long hair and enjoyed heavy drinking over here at the headquarters. ZabaraKatranemia is the title of a traditional greek song, whose lyrics make as much sense to greek as to non-greek speakers, that is no sense whatsoever! It is all about Zabarakatranemia though, and whatever it is, it has animated the soul of the singer, resulting in a passionate, patriotic rendition. How many other companies do you know having their own hymn?

Why are french ducks gay?

I don't know, they just are, and I have photographic evidence from my last trip to Paris. Everywhere you go in parks and ponds you see them green headed bummers going in pairs. Probably all the girls made it into foix gras, leaving no option to poor parisian ducks than a bit of a donald-sur-donald. Thank the gods, in the UK all ducks come in straight green/brown neck pairs, despite the demoralizing influence of elton john.

menage a trois

Finally the real answer to "what is life, universe and everything" coming in future article, once I figure it out!

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