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I was never a fan of printing. It's not a tree-hugging thing, it's just that electronic information is much easier to store and retrieve, searching by keyword and what have you. But it takes all sorts to make a world, and for those of you who want to print folder contents for their paper records, xplorer˛ can assist. You won't find a direct Print command but you can copy out whatever you see in xplorer˛ panes as text (Edit | Copy columns menu), and then paste it in a text editor and print from there.

Addendum: Later xplorer˛ versions allow you to create a CSV (comma separated) text file out of the pane contents. Use Edit | Export CSV menu and all the details you see will go straight to microsoft Excel

Copy columns will export the detailed view information of the selected files exactly as you see it on screen, columns separated by TAB spacers. If you need the full path without the column information, say to import to a different application's FileOpen dialog, use Edit | Copy names command. Each file will appear on its own line.

Using keyboard modifiers you can get slight variations of the copied text. <Ctrl+Alt+P> will copy the text of the hilighted column only (the one you arrange/sort files). <Alt+Ctrl+C> will put the file paths on a single line, separated by commas. This last one is useful for xplorer˛ boxes that accept multiple comma-separated folder names, e.g. the Look In field in search dialog.

Finally note that <Ctrl+P> "copies columns" from the folder tree too, organized in tab-indented nodes representing the nested layers of the subfolders. A similar effect is available for the detailed folder statistics (Tools | Folder statistics command) using the local Actions menu to export the node text.

This brief demo will show you how to get more trees out of action — on top of pine <g>

ps. It's nearly christmas and microsoft have given us an early christmas present to hang on our (plastic) tree: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1 RC). I wasted one day yesterday downloading a 3GB installer that required a clean install — SNAFU. Today I found this other download link that looks more sensible, upgrading the existing vista setup. If you don't want to wait 3-4 days for windows update, you can take the direct download path. More on Vista SP1 in the near future, there are many holes for MS to fix!

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