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I am in the process of moving houses. I am leaving england for good and heading back to greece (!). I wish I was a child of the modern downloadable music era having all my music collection in a single hard disk... but when I started buying into music we still had vinyl records, you know those that weigh a ton and scratch easily. All in all I have around a thousand items (vinyl and CDs) to carry back to greece with me. Many donkeys will be required <g>

Looking at my music collection though, it is well worth it. There are 20+ years of memories good and bad. Like a good wine cellar, there are many flavours from classic jazz, through dance and even heavy metal. There's good musical quality throughout, but a few gems just stand out. Individual, innovative, a joy to the ear and soul, I want to share with you these best of the best albums. In no particular order then we have:

CONNOISEUR. To accompany wine tasting sessions.

COOL DUDE. Chill out department.

LEFTFIELD. A bit off the beaten track.

HOOLIGAN'S CORNER. For the motorcyclist in you.

TOP OF THE TOPS. My (very biased) top of the pile.

  • John Abercrombie, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette - Gateway
  • Tchaikovsky - Nutcracker
  • Bugge Wesseltoft - Moving
  • Jan Garbarek - Dis
  • Egberto Gismonti - Solo

Shockingly, the above list doesn't include leona lewis, girls aloud, beyonce and such trolls <g>. What's your top of the pops?

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