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We all are digital photographers now. A 2GB memory card in the camera and cheap hard disk storage on the computer, we take thousands of pictures without too much thought. But in "old timer" terms, each digital picture is a huge file, especially as the megapixels we use increase. A 3 megapixel (2048 x 1536) picture is over 800KB in size.

You realize how big 800KB really is when you try to email a few pictures to a friend after your recent visit to switzerland (have they found the Higgs boson there yet? :). Your hotmail account will clogg up, it will take ages to upload the pictures, and chances are that the recipient server will reject the email because its attachments are too big. 10 pictures of 800KB each total 8MB, no discounts!

xplorer˛ cannot reduce picture sizes yet, but another free tool called IrfanView does. You pass it a bunch of pictures and it creates reduced size copies. There's no magic, the smaller files will correspond to smaller pictures with less colors, but they are adequate to send to a friend by email or to post them in a website.

Today's video demonstrates how xplorer˛ simplifies the picture selection and retrieval of results, working hand in hand with IrfanView. Have a look!

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