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What's this obsession with downloading stuff? A guy I know pays for two concurrent super-speed ADSL connections so he can download using two parallel streams. He has a small house worth of hard disks, DVDs, CDs, all full of 'free' downloads. In Greece downloading and 'sharing' is the national pasttime, I guess it is similar all around the world. Most of these compulsive downloaders don't even know what they have in their collection, and haven't the time to watch/use what they download, they're too busy squirrelling new stuff.

All you need is a rapidshare monthly subscription for $10 and the digital world is your oyster. It is oxymoron that a whole industry delivering illegal downloads is the most economically successful business online, just look at the proliferation of filehosting sites! Arguably filesharing can be also used legitimately, but if I was running rapidshare.com I would give 'incentives' to people to upload stuff which others would download and put $$$ in the company pockets — and I'm not a MBA genious! That answers the question 'who uploads the content in the first place'?

Fight back!

Small outfits like mine are seriously hurt by piracy. If all people using xplorer˛ in a regular basis had bought a license, I would be now writing this from an exclusive resort in some paradise island, ex nuclear testing ground. I have statistics to prove that more than 95% of xplorer˛ regular users are using keygens instead of paying for the program. (btw all x2 keygens in existence don't work properly and sooner or later sinners will see the light). And where do people get the keygens? From rapidshare, megaupload and related websites.

Almost all filesharing sites subscribe to and respond to DMCA complaints. If you see one of your programs available as an illegal download, you mark the URL and send a DMCA complaint (an email really) to the hosting site asking them to take it down. The hard part is finding all these links though.

Enter the crack tracker. Instead of googling here and there trying to find illegal downloads of xplorer˛ (or any other software, movie or music album), use this free tool to search for keywords. Crack tracker will scour popular crack search engines and verify the availability of a download link with robotic efficiency. So if you are an author you will be very happy to use it! Currently it can work with these filehosting sites: rapidshare.com, depositfiles.com, uploading.com, mediafire.com, megaupload.com, hotfile.com, easy-share.com, filefactory.com, 4shared.com, badongo.com and letitbit.net. crack tracker in action
If it proves popular I will add to it.

Download crack tracker (310 kb, trial version)

NOTE: From October 2010 crack tracker is on sale (there is a free trial version). Being a product means that you get more frequent updates that are guaranteed to work in an ever changing warez stage. The cost of the software is a small price to pay if you consider the return on your investment!
Official crack tracker website: http://cracktracker.net

Using the program is very simple:

  • start the program and search for a keyword (e.g. your program's name)
  • wait until the search is finished and you get a list of confirmed download locations
  • inspect the list to ensure that the downloads are yours (check the name and size)
  • remove all irrelevant results pressing <DEL>
  • sort the results by provider clicking on the URL header
  • press <Ctrl+C> to copy out the results
  • send an email to each filehosting site to delist their links

All filehosting sites have abuse links where you can report such illegal downloads. Typically you send an email to abuse@xxx.com identifying yourself as the copyright owner and asking the removal of the illegal content in the name of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). And they will oblige.

This program will only search full downloads, not torrents. Torrents are a different ball game. But every little helps! Also note that at present this program is beta and rather scruffy. If you see the odd assertion error, don't worry, just click on IGNORE button and continue your search. If it crashes on you, use Help > Crash information menu to send me the crash report.

Dear Authors, hope this helps!

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