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"Thank God I'm an atheist" — random oxymoron

You probably know already that pressing <Ctrl+Q> in xplorer˛ opens the quick previewer window. This panel shows a preview of the currently selected file, depending on its content. If it is a picture it will show a thumbnail, if it is a source code file it will show the text. If you select any music or video media file xplorer˛ will embed windows media player (WMP) and start playing the content.

Last time we talked about a way to grab flash video from the temporary internet files cache even when YouTube and co try their worst to stop you. However WMP straight out of the box cannot play FLV files, so neither does xplorer˛ previewer. We'll tap in the extendability of WMP and xplorer˛ to sort out both problems and have FLV in xplorer˛. Here are the steps:

  1. Download FLV codec. There's a free plugin for WMP called PlayFLV which allows it to preview FLV files. If you are like me you'd like to take the recommendation and install the latest ffdshow codec pack too, when PlayFLV installer asks you to.
  2. Extend xplorer˛ quick view. Then we have to let xplorer˛ know that files with FLV extension are media that can be played in its viewer. The registry value szVideoExtList holds such custom extensions. The easiest way to change it is to use the external registry settings editor and set this value from the global property page. To find it goto Start > All programs > xplorer2 and start "Advanced settings".

That's it! From now on you can enjoy your favorite YouTube clips straight in xplorer˛. The first time you click on a FLV you may want to tell WMP "yes, don't ask me again about this media type, just play the darn thing" <g> — sorted!

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