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Browsing the xplorer˛ website (zabkat.com) you can tell immediately that it was me that made it just like everything else around here — and webdesign is not my forte. It isn't bad but a facelift and reorganization wouldn't hurt. Can you help? It isn't that big a job as:

  • Static content. There is no live content here, no back-office database links, no shopping carts. Just static content with straight HTML and a few PHP scripts that can be reused from the existing website
  • Templates needed. All I need is a few good templates for the main page and some important pages (eg. customer support, download and buy pages). I will fill the content. You supply the "style", some banners and buttons (graphics) and a menu/navigation structure.
  • No fancy "web 2" stuff. Straight HTML/CSS would be ideal, and as little javascript as possible. I want a simple, lightweight website that will be easy to maintain with a text editor.

If you are interested taking on this job, drop me a line with a brief resume and samples of your work. I will explain to you in more detail my general ideas and tastes, the targetted audience and other important aspects of a successful and professional website.

If you can supply the right design at the right cost (your work will also be showcased and advertised to thousands of internet users) and within an agreed timeframe, then it could be you that puts their name to the new and improved xplorer˛ website.

Aspiring webdesigners start here

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