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When you search the internet with google or bing, you know that better keyword or search query selection will bring in more relevant search results. This is also true when you search for unauthorized downloads (patches, keygens and serials) with crack tracker, the specialized desktop crack search engine.

When searching with crack tracker you don't have to be verbose. There is no need to search for 'cracks of my software XYZ', you just search for 'XYZ', the rest terms are implied as the search is in warez databases only, so if something is found it is bound to be dodgy!

Good and bad keywords
A good keyword is one that finds your software's downloads, without many irrelevant results (e.g. other unrelated software). Usually your software title will be the best keyword, unless it is something common used by many vendors. If you search for 'Notepad' you may find many irrelevant results, so add extra keywords to be more specific, e.g. 'Notepad myCompanyName'.

Fewer search keywords == more results
As in all internet searches, fewer keywords mean less specific search and thus more results. Adding keywords makes the search more specific:

  • More keywords. Searching for 'X Y Z' will bring less results than searching for 'X Y'
  • Exact phrases. Using "double quotes" you can search for exact phrases, so '"X Y"' will find less results than 'X Y'
  • Keyword verification. Crack tracker cross-confirms the search results to ensure that they match the search keywords. If you disable this secondary check from View > Settings menu command, you will get more results.

Keep in mind that these are general guidelines only, as each of the underlying search engines behaves differently. But your best search strategy is to begin with a single keyword, and start adding extra qualifiers if and only if you get many irrelevant results. The idea is to find and remove as many of your download URLs as possible, so that fewer are left for pirates!

Download your crack tracker free evaluation and start removing copyright infringing downloads from file hosting servers today!

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