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"Life's hard and then one dies — not!"

You know the story: you wake up one morning and everything goes right, and keeps on doing so in a statistically improbable fashion. The venue was Marriot hotel Cologne, and the event ESWC 2007, the annual european shareware conference. The top european software brass was attending, including the guys from Alcohol 120%, the epsilon award winners last year.

It all started a few hours earlier, share*it offered a Nintendo Wii as a lottery prize. My name came out of the hat. Not a bad start! Then we all waited for the big one, the Epsilon. The competition was stiff, xplorer˛ battling with big guns like WinRAR and IsoBuster. You may remember the friendly banter we had with Peter van Hove, the isobuster author who tried to nick votes straight from the lion's den, what are the chances of that? Realistically though xplorer˛ was the outsider. This is a popularity contest and on sheer numbers of users xplorer˛ trails by perhaps an order of magnitude. It looked like I'd have to be content with the Wii.

Then they started announcing the top-10 in reverse order, and xplorer˛ was nowhere to be seen. The countdown went on and on, 4-3-2... OMG, I can't believe I won it!!! I was completely shell-shocked, and had they asked me to do a speech I would have probably done an Amy Winehouse impersonation, keeping it shut. Wow, that was a lucky day, whatever next? (we were trying to find a casino afterwards but to no avail).

This goes to prove that xplorer˛ ranks are an enthusiastic lot that take heed when called to action (vote). What we lack in numbers we more than make up in dedication — fanaticism even. xplorer˛ is the kind of tool you use 24/7, saving lots of time and frustration, so it unavoidably grows on you. Now with a prestigious award in the bag hopefully the user base will swell as will the credibility of the software.

To all xplorer˛ supporters and those who voted for it: Thank you guys! If this award doesn't put xplorer˛ on the map I don't know what will.

ps. Poor Wii, I had to sell it on the spot to pay for the celebration drinks bill <g>

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