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"Only small secrets need be protected; The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity"

In the midst of our worldwide financial turmoil, I have heard a lot of wise words. Who or what is to blame for the lost xplorer˛ sales? For the repossessed homes? The bankers and the greed mentality they represent. Take this one: "...we were told that finance, not production, was the road to wealth. For the past four decades, we have seen the systematic dismantling of American industry and agriculture, and the turning of our economy into a giant casino..."

No, this is not a wacko conspiracy theory. I was always puzzled about the money equilibrium. You know, is the total amount of money some constant like the total mass and energy? What happens to money as a whole? Please watch this layman friendly introduction for the answer . Simply put the banks create money out of nothing and there is no way to cover for the interest they charge without ever accelerating debt. It's that simple really, once you see the whole picture. And unsustainable.

The said video is 45 minutes long, but it is worth every minute. And to help you squeeze it in your busy life I'll make this week's blog really short. There are many interesting folders under System toolbar button (or Goto > Special folders xplorer˛ submenu). If you choose Recent items you will browse a folder full of shortcuts to documents you've been using. Each time you open a Word document or you edit a text file with editor˛ (you need the new beta version to see the effect), a mark is made in this special folder.

If you sort the contents by date last modified (View > Arrange by menu) then you'll see the documents you've been working on most recently near the top. So if you can't remember where you saved last month's sales report (what sales? <g>) just pop in the recent documents folder to find it. Double-clicking on any shortcut file will reopen the recent document.

In case you haven't clicked on the Money as Debt video link above, please do so, I insist!
It has answered for me questions I had since I was a teenager and wondered where the hell inflation comes from.

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