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"A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five" — Groucho Marx

A great advantage of modern user interfaces is the interoperability between programs, and especially so from file managers. You have a file you want attached to an MS Outlook email, you just drag drop it from xplorer˛ to the email window. Working with desktop applications is easy. Lately with "web 2.0" there's a shift towards online applications, which are hosted in a browser like internet explorer. Here interoperability suffers. You can't drag-drop files and attach them to your Hotmail or Yahoo email account.

In these situations files are attached in the old fashioned way, using the standard windows File > Open dialog, which can get a bit tedious. xplorer˛ can help: once you have a file selected, you can copy its path (Edit > Copy names menu command) and paste it in the attachment input field, avoiding Browse button diversions. This simple but time-saving trick is explained in today's demo

You may remember that we also used this <Alt+C> filename copy functionality to export and print folder contents. It is one of the most versatile features in xplorer˛.

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