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"Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

Ever since christmas I've been working on the next version of xplorer˛. This time the focus is on usability and looks for a change. I have almost completed the revamp of toolbar icons, where you will be able to assign your own icons for commands under Customize menu, so that you can tell your user commands and bookmarks easily apart, without relying on text labels. I have fixed several small bugs and even added support for Windows Vista's new symbolic link feature. In a few days a beta version will be out for you to sample.

I have almost run out of time for software updates, but there's one think I'll be adding: skin support. If you know me from past discussions you'll know that I am more a man of substance than appearances, but I know there are a lot of users that want the total package, including good looks. We won't have xplorer˛ all of a sudden looking like winamp, but you will be able to change the look of the icons that appear on menus and toolbars.

Now for the fun part: everyone including you can contribute new toolbar icons for the various commands. All you need is a graphics editor to change the default bitmaps and some good taste — it can't be hard to beat mine <g> hastily cobbled together over time! I know there are people that have edited the program resources to change the icons; now is your chance to come forward and share your creativity with the rest of us!

For extra stimulation, we'll have a little competition among you creative types, and the best of your skins will be offered for download from the official website. The best artists will have their work showcased daily in front of the thousands that download xplorer˛. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp instrument, surely! :)

Use the link below to download the basic bitmaps and some more detailed instructions. May the best artist win!
Download skin developers pack (16 KB)

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