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The easiest and cheapest way to make your product or website known is to manage to get it appearing high up in the main internet search engines' organic search results for your target keywords. If zabkat.com appears in the first results page when you search for windows file manager in google, then you are in the road to large audiences and eventually unfathomed riches — or so you wish <g>

How do you manage to increase your website's search engine popularity? First you develop a good and relevant product, then you describe it properly so the search engine spiders can file it under the appropriate keywords. The black art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not something that I will get into, but many people constantly play with the wording of their website so as to improve the search engine ranking.

I wrote a tool that simplifies getting your website rank in the big three search engines: google, bing and yahoo. You just enter a keyword (e.g. 'file manager'), the website of interest (e.g. 'zabkat.com'), select the search engine and click on get rank button. The rank checker will query the search engine for your keyword and return the first occurence of your website and its position in the search results. By default it only checks the first 5 pages (50 results) but you can change this from View > Settings menu command. SEO rank checker
Download rank checker (80 KB)

Your SEO drill is as follows:

  1. Note your original rank
  2. Modify your page's wording to stress the desired keywords
  3. After a couple of days check your new search engine position
  4. Goto step 2 until perfection is achieved

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