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In the past I discussed how to make xplorer˛ your default folder application (funny it was almost 2 years ago exactly — happy new year btw). This is really simple as it only involves ticking an option while you install xplorer˛. If you change your mind you can use the action button undo explorer replacement (in Tools > Options menu, Advanced page) to restore windows explorer.

What if you want to keep windows explorer opening your folders but also have a command in the folder context menu allowing you to open folders with xplorer˛? (as seen in the picture to the right). There is no easy way to add extra actions to folders. The file types tab in folder options in XP and older (in control panel) doesn't work for folders, directories and drives. In vista and later you cannot even see the file types tab in folder open with xplorer2
options. There are workarounds for editing vista/7 file type association but that won't work for folders either.

I will be adding a registry script for this purpose in future xplorer˛ releases, but in the meantime you can create a REG file yourself for this task. Open notepad or any other plain text editor and type in the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Open with xplorer˛"

@="C:\\Program Files\\zabkat\\xplorer2\\xplorer2_UC.exe \"%1\""

Save this as open_x2.REG then double-click on the saved file to set the registry association on filesystem folders (Directory file type). You can do something like that for root drives if you want. If you have installed xplorer˛ someplace else, just replace your installation path instead of C:\\Program Files\\zabkat\\xplorer2. If your xplorer˛ is 64 bits then the name of the executable is xplorer2_UC.exe xplorer2_64.exe.

Now whenever you want to open a folder with xplorer˛ right click on it and pick the new command. If you simply double-click on a folder it will open in windows explorer.

Addendum: From version 2.3 onwards, xplorer˛ installer includes a tickbox to add this feature for you automatically. Just tick the "Add to folders context menu" option during installation

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