Getting support for 2xExplorer

In an ideal world computers and programs work flawlessly, and there's no need for "customer" support. In this world however, things are liable to get out of shape — and they invariably do. Troubleshooting user problems can become a full time job.

Self-help sessions

2xExplorer does not have "proper" context-sensitive help files, but it's not completely undocumented either. The easiest/fastest/most rewarding route of obtaining help is to try resolving the problem yourselves. This is quite crucial, since 2xExplorer is not my day job. I have tried to compile some resources for you to consult in case of any problems:

Reading 2xExplorer's documentation is a self-rewarding experience in itself. I'd specifically recommend keyboard.txt which contains some extremely cool trix that are not available via menu or toolbar commands. There's really heaps of functionality packed in the program and waiting to be discovered, which may help increase your productivity even further. Plus it will prevent you recommending something that is already supported <g>

2xExplorer support forums

When the FAQ and documentation seem to be insufficient, your next stop should be the official 2xExplorer/Editor² forums. The advantages of checking out these resources are many-fold:

Note that there are three separate forums at present, each specializing in a particular subject. Depending on the nature of your query you may select the appropriate forum as follows:
General forum
2xExplorer support forum
Editor² support forum

Is it a bug or a "feature"?

2xExplorer is renowned for its bullet-proof-ness, robustness and stability, but it's not perfect. If you discover anything that is suspected to be a bug, please let me know. You may help me resolve the problem if you supply the following information:

If you really want to be helpful, you may download a debug version of the program, which will hopefully supply more information when hell breaks loose. Run the debug version, try to force the bug and if an error message box is shown (usually an ASSERT error), please take a snapshot of it by pressing <Alt+PrintScr>. This will copy the window bitmap in the clipboard; please paste it and send it to me via e-mail.

Download 2xExplorer DEBUG version [28.August.2002]

Note that this debug version is unsuitable for everyday use. Not only it is huge compared to the normal (release) version, it is also unoptimised and slow like a snail. You should only use it for debugging.

Last resort: contact the support team

Don't get me wrong, I do like receiving e-mails. User feedback is always invaluable. Many of you have suggested some magnificent improvements that have already found their way into 2xExplorer. It also goes without saying that I am as vain as the next man, so any display of blatant flattery won't go unnoticed either <g>.

So don't hesitate to contact the support team (that would be me then :) as a last resort. It's one email address which suits all inquiries!

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