Information About Privacy

Zabarakatranemia Plc is a pseudo-company, and as such it is not in the business of product placement or intensive marketing. I'll never spam you indescriminately or pass on your details to anybody else.

The only e-mails you are likely to receive are notifications for major updates in some of the 2x-family range of "products" typically once every 3-6 months. Most of the users appreciate the news and take advantage of the new features for increased productivity. However, some minority consider these update e-mails invasion of privacy and get unduly upset. Hence the disclaimer:

IMPORTANT: Whenever I receive an e-mail for any kind of query, you are automatically added in my notification list for future updates. If you don't wish this to happen, please state so clearly in your e-mail.

Naturally, you may request to be removed from my list at any time, simply by sending me an e-mail:

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