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Here's a short list of URLs that I usually visit nearly every day.

Useful programs

Believe it or not, when I first started developing 2xExplorer, I was under the impression that there were no NC-style file managers around talking about fallaceous hypotheses! so I had to build my own to cure my explorer blues. I was completely oblivious to the existence of all those sites distributing software. Well, now I know better. There are tons of stuff out there, not all of them explorer replacements <g>, written by amateur enthusiasts. Many programs are of excellent quality, beating "pro" applications silly. Here's a list of small, useful and free (at the time of going to press) tools I use regularly:

2xExplorer Distinctions/Awards/Reviews

The order of the buttons below is chronological, reflecting the date each publicity stunt took place.
ShellX favorite LockerGnome feature Skylark Award NoNags Best Completely FREE Software j.ello Report winMag review PricelessWare SoftLandmark Freeware Web PricelessWare 2002

Reciprocal links

The number of sites listing 2xExplorer has grown a lot, and that's not only me to blame. Many webmasters and webmistresses just go ahead and list 2xExplorer without my consent. Not that I am complaining mind, these folk save me the trouble of submitting. Anyroad, too many unorganised links are bad for you, so a little bit of housekeeping is in order. The links below are grouped in terms of relevance.


You may browse them all day without breaking the bank.
All for free Free lunch Freeware32 Freeware Arena FreewareHome FreewarePlus FreewareWeb Moochers NoNags Pegusis


Get involved in the history of making great programs, gratis and fer nowt.
BetaBites BetaJunction Beta News File Flash


Please have your credit card details ready.
Dave central DeskTop98 DownloadPlanet FileMine PassTheShareware SkylarkUtilities SuperShareware TopFile win-shareware Winfiles ZDNet library


Not the user-friendliest of the bunch but guaranteed to have tons of downloads.
Shareware SimTel WinSite


The web is not only for the english-speaking folk. I know that 2x is also listed in some chinese sites, but I couldn't figure out how to obtain a button for them it's all chinese to me. Man, 2x looks weird in oriental fonts... I am amazed that it works at all!
Freeware Store (Germany) ListSoft (Russian)